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Zandra Razack


I was born in England, raised in Toronto and moved to North Bay in 2012. I have loved and created art for as long as I can remember. It’s surreal that life has lead me down a path that now allows me to make a living with my art!

I started tattooing professionally in 2014 through an apprenticeship with a very talented local artist, Marty Lacombe at ReThink Studios, where I also met my “Sista from another mista” Tamara. When she felt it was time to open her own shop I just knew I had to be a part of it! Every work day is full of love and laughter, not many people get to say that about their job!

The Painted lady is my home away from home and I get to come here everyday and hang out with my two favourite ladies! Many clients have mentioned how much fun they have here because of how comfortable and positive the energy is!

My portfolio is always expanding with different styles; inspired by the ideas of my clients. My favourite styles and subject matters include detailed line work, illustration, bright/bold colour work, nature, animals, pop culture and I especially enjoy the juxtaposition of realism and fantasy.

My favourite part about tattooing is getting that great idea from my client and making it come to life for them, I have so much fun with that collaboration. My greatest satisfaction is when my client leaves my chair with a beautiful piece of art and a huge smile on their face! I feel so lucky to get to meet and tattoo the awesome people of North Bay each and everyday! xo